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Injector Training & Shadow Opportunities


At Sakura our experienced providers believe that an industry of well educated, experienced and passionate providers is vital for the safety of our patients and also the over all good of supporting the cosmetic injecting industry and community.


Training Sessions

Private or group training available.

We believe small groups benefit injector's education as it allows greater ability to ask questions, have open conversations and spend more time one-on-one injecting models with direct instruction and supervision.

No guessing with our trainings. 

Botox Refresh


Our providers also offer a Botox Refresh.

This is perfect for individuals who are newer to injecting and may be looking for advanced techniques or who have been struggling with getting desired outcomes. Also wonderful for a provider who has been struggling/is uncomfortable with how to consult/discuss treatments with clients. 

It is impossible to learn everything about injecting in your initial training. This is a great way for Injectors to get help with exactly what they want to work on.   

You'll inject 4-6 models based upon what you'd like to work on and have ample time for questions and answers. 

*Must be an RN/NP/MD at this time with a valid license. This is not for someone who has never Injected*


Injector Shadowing

We offer 4 hour shadow sessions for Botox or Filler or a combination session. This allows Injectors who currently inject or medical professionals who want to learn more about injecting to shadow one-on-one with one of our experienced providers. 

While this is a silent shadow, meaning we are not instructing while injecting our clients, we encourage questions and allow time between each client for discussion with provider. 

*Must be an RN/NP/MD or a 2nd Year RN Student*

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