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The Sakura Clinic

Cancellation Policy & Clinic FAQ

We ask that current clients arrive at least (5) minutes prior to their appointment time. We ask that new clients complete all required paperwork that was sent to them via our Boulevard booking system a minimum of 24 hours prior to their appointment. Not completing this paperwork prior to arrival may shorten appointment time. 


Client Policy:

We welcome all to Sakura. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is disrespectful to our staff or clients or makes a member of our staff or another client uncomfortable in any way.

Clinic Policies:

  •  A client must be over the age of 18 or have a parent/guardian consent. *Some clients under the age of 18 may be denied treatment depending upon the treatment requested. This will be at the provider's discretion.

  • Children are not allowed to accompany a patient to the clinic for any reason and we ask that other arrangements be made. 

  • We welcome (1) friend/family member (over the age of 18) to join you for your appointment, however the appointment will be only for that client who booked it. It may still be at the provider's discretion to allow the friend/family member into the treatment room. 

  • To be respectful of all clients, please do not have phone conversations within the clinic. If a client needs to make a call please step into the entrance. This also includes playing music/videos on your phone while waiting in the Lounge.

  • In an effort to be fair across the board to all clients, any cancellations within 48 hours will be subject to below cancellation policy.



  • Any "2-week follow up" appointment post injection treatment must be booked within 2-3 weeks. These appointments may only be booked by contacting the clinic and are not available online. 

  • If an appointment (ie: a Hydrafacial) does not show as available, clients may not book another appointment and add in the notes section the treatment that they wish to book. If an appointment does not show as available it is because it is not available to be booked.

  • Client Appointment notes are not always checked until the day of the appointment. Please do not make time sensitive requests or questions in the notes, rather these should be directed to the clinic. 

  • All appointments must be booked with that client's individual account. Please do not book multiple appointments under your name for others. These appointments will not be accepted. 

  • As stated on the appointment information when booked, a Botox/Dysport or Filler consultation does grant enough time for consult and treatment of Botox/Dysport, however it will be time dependent if same day treatment of dermal fillers will be possible. 

  • We are happy to add on other treatments as possible, but we ask that clients do not book a Botox/Dysport treatment and then arrive wanting a filler appointment. 

  • Contraindications of Botox/Dysport or dermal filler include pregnancy and breastfeeding, current lip or facial infections or current cold sores.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Policy:

The Sakura Clinic requires a minimum of 48 hours notice if it is necessary to cancel your appointment for ANY reason. All appointments cancelled within 48 hours will be subject to the cancellation fee listed below. In the event of repeated no-show or late cancellations, we may restrict the booking abilities of the client to be considerate to others who want to get in on our schedules.           

A credit card will be taken for all new appointments booked with Sakura.Should a client's card decline when charged for a no-show or late cancellation, the account will be blocked and the client will be unable to book any future appointments until the amount is paid. The cost for all “no-show” appointments are listed below.

All No-Show and late cancellation appointments will be charged within 48 hours at the cost of the appointment that was booked. Unless stated below.

No-Show Policy
This is for a client who does not cancel their appointment and does not show up for their appointment. They will be charged the cost of the service booked with the following exceptions:
Botox/Dysport Injection: $150
Dermal Filler Injection: $200
CoolSculpting: $175
Consultations: $25
Injection Consultations: $50

Injection Follow Up Botox/Dysport: $50

Injection Follow Up Filler: $75

Late-Cancel Policies

Late cancel fees will no longer be eligible to be used by the client.

Cancellation within 48 hours will result in a 25% charge of the appointment scheduled except in the below cases:
Botox/Dysport Injection: $75
Dermal Filler Injection: $150
CoolSculpting: $125
Consultations: $25
Injection Consultations: $25

Injection Follow Up Botox/Dysport: $25

Injection Follow Up Filler: $25

Cancellation within 24 hours will result in a 50% charge of the appointment scheduled except in the below cases:
Botox/Dysport Injection: $100
Dermal Filler Injection: $175
CoolSculpting: $150
Consultations: $25
Injection Consultations: $50

Injection Follow Up Botox/Dysport: $25

Injection Follow Up Filler: $50


Due to the demand for Saturday appointments, clients will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit for the appointment they've booked. Cancellation outside of 48 hours will allow future use of that deposit. Cancellations within 48 hours will result in loss of 100% of deposit. Repeated cancellations within 48 hours for Saturday appointments will result in the client being unable to book future Saturday appointments. 

I understand and agree to the above charges for No-Show and late cancellation fees. By checking this I agree to have my card I stored on file charged for the above amounts per this policy. I agree that by late cancelling or no-showing my appointment I am being charged per this policy and not for "services and or product received". I also agree that should my card decline I will still be responsible for the amount of the no-show or late cancellation fee and Sakura has the right to continue to attempt to receive payment. 

_____ Any client who will be 10 minutes or more late will have that appointment cancelled and considered a no-show. Even if the client arrives late for their appointment it is the right of the clinic to refuse service and still charge for the missed appointment.

We are respectful of all of our clients’ appointments and if a client is over 5-15 minutes late that can affect the client who has an appointment following the late client’s. 

_____ We do ask that if you are running late for your appointment and are unable to be to the Clinic before the start of your appointment time, that you contact the Clinic as soon as possible by calling 715.514.3548. 

Depending on the provider’s schedule we may be able to still accommodate your appointment or it may be necessary to reschedule.*Calling and or leaving a voicemail does not automatically grant a time extension and will be at the provider's discretion* If for any reason you are late for your appointment time, you will only receive the amount of time remaining for your appointment *If it is a service that the therapist is able to shorten* 

_____ Cancellation may be done via online booking (system locks at 48 hours) or by calling 715.514.3548. Leaving a voicemail outside of Clinic Coordinator Hours is acceptable cancellation. Please be clear and leave your full name and time of appointment you are needing to cancel.

** IMPORTANT- Client is responsible for verifying that appointment was cancelled either via email or text confirmation.**

Text, Instagram, Facebook, messaging our website and e-mail are NOT proper forms of cancellation and will not be accepted as such.

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